Drive Thru Prayer
4:00pm 4:00pm

Drive Thru Prayer

We are excited about seeing God move again in the lives of the people in our community! In order to take prayer from the church building to our community, we are offering a “drive thru” prayer event! Prayer will be available for anyone who wants to "drive thru" or "walk in" Thursday, August 17 from 4pm-6pm at Harvest Fellowship Church (in the alley between the church and the school). Please be praying for God to move during this time of prayer!



We want as many people as possible to participate. We need people at every level. We need you!

Ways you can help...

1. Pray behind the scenes during the event, 4-7pm this Thursday at home or join people at Harvest.
2. People directing traffic (safety vests will be worn)
3. People to hold signs out on Benton Drive to let people know we are there to pray and where to go for prayer.
4. People to pray with those driving or walking up.
5. ...we have a spot for you, so don't hesitate to attend!

Sign UP NOW by Clicking HERE!

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Understanding the World of Islam
6:00pm 6:00pm

Understanding the World of Islam

In the news, we regularly hear of radical Islam terrorism and wonder what is going to happen to our world. On the other hand, many of us personally know Muslims who may believe differently than we do, yet are men and women of peace. In our world, we have two loud voices from the non-Islamic world concerning Islam: 1) It is a religion of peace, and 2) It is a religion of violence. They both cannot be right…or can they? It is important that we understand the world of Islam to better answer this problem. Here is an outline for this lecture, hopefully answering several key questions:

1. What is the history of Islam in a nutshell?
2. What do Muslims believe?
3. Is Islam a religion of peace?
4. What is jihad?
5. What is Sharia?
6. Who are the true Muslims? 
7. What do Muslims hope to see in the future?
8. What should be a proper Christian response to all of this? 

Come and get informed about the world of Islam and find out what a Christian response to all of this should be. 

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Team Building for Leaders
Burn 24-7
9:00am 9:00am

Burn 24-7

We have been invited to host a 12-hour Burn at Coborn's Superstore in Sauk Rapids next month.  This is pretty exciting to be able to take what we've been doing in the private place of worship and prayer within the church buildings and move it out into the market place!.

What: 12-Hours of Worship & Prayer
When: July 8th,  9am-9pm
Where: Coborns Superstore, Sauk Rapids, MN
             To be held in the white tent.

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