Who we are

 At Harvest, we want our kids to have the opportunity to get to know Jesus Christ personally and then become passionate, lifelong followers of Jesus who help advance the Kingdom of God starting right where they are, as a kid     

We recognize that the ideal way for this to happen is for authentic faith to be lived out in the family (Deuteronomy 6:1-9, Psalm 78:1-8), and that the church’s role is to provide reinforcement, equipping, empowerment and support as a faith community.  We seek to be intentional about this through our Sunday morning activities, our ongoing kids programming, outreach opportunities for families to do together and specially scheduled events as well as resources to help equip and empower parents.  

  • Sunday mornings we worship as a community before our kids get dismissed for Connection Kids because we recognize that parents are called to pass on their faith to their children and because children who know and follow Jesus are called to passionate worship of God along with the rest of the body of Christ.  We believe these values are "caught more than taught", so the kids need to see body life in action.  The reason they are then dismissed for Connection Kids time is to learn from the word of God at an age-appropriate level, just as their parents do during the Sunday morning messages.    
  • Manhood Journey and Bright Lights are our kid discipleship programs where our boys and girls get to learn how to follow Jesus in a solidly biblical, effective and engaging way.  Manhood Journey is for our guys - dads, father figures and young men - discipling our school-age boys in a way that reaches their hearts and minds.  Bright Lights is our ladies and young ladies discipling our girls ages 10 to 13 in a way that reaches girls’ hearts and minds.  These groups meet every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month throughout the school year.  
  • Many of our Real Life Activities and other special outreach events throughout the year are designed for families to participate together to share the love of Christ in practical ways.  
  • Finally we seek to reinforce, strengthen and empower the family through providing helpful parenting resources as well as encouragement events where parents will be encouraged and strengthened to lead their families well.  Look for more to come on this front!