Question on Prayer

Question on Prayer: I want to insure that I am praying the way God wants me to. My question is, should we pray directly to the Holy Spirit? I have heard/read conflicting opinions regarding prayer. One said we must pray directly to God in all things. Another said we should pray to Jesus, and pray to the Holy Spirit for specific things, such as to be filled with the Spirits wisdom, power, etc. Could you expound on the above things as well as any pertinent information concerning prayer. I know this is rather elementary, but I am a bit confused due to the conflicting opinions. Thanks!

Great question Ken. The New Testament reveals that God is Triune, in part so that we can have a dynamic relationship with all three persons of the Trinity. God wants us to know that though He is one God, He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three persons of the Godhead who interact with each other and desire to interact with us. Jesus taught us to pray to the Father because one foundational aspect of our relationship with God is that we are His adopted sons and daughters (Romans 8:14-17). As a good Father He protects us, guides us and loves us. The Scriptures also describe the centrality of Christ as Lord (Romans 10:9). Jesus is our Lord and Master. He is our King (Revelation 19:16) and our friend (John 15:13-15). We relate to Him as Lord by surrendering to Him our very lives. We relate to Him as King, by serving Him as loyal subjects. We relate to Him as friend and brother by drawing near to Him. Finally the Scriptures describe the Holy Spirit as our comforter (John 14:15-18) and empowerer (Acts 1:8). He lifts us up when we are down. He bonds us together in true fellowship (2 Corinthians 13:13). He gifts us and empowers us to live holy lives and to minister effectively as we seek to advance the Kingdom of God. Having said all this, I would ask a question: “Should we talk to these persons who have such a significant impact on our lives?” Of course! Remember, prayer is simply talking to God, having a conversation with the Almighty. We can talk to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit individually, because each one is a person. We can also talk to God in general because He is only One Being. Some people say “God” or “Lord” referring to God in general. At times we pray directly to the Father or the Son or the Spirit. All of this is perfectly acceptable when you understand the doctrine of the Trinity. The New Testament gives us examples of prayer to the Father and the Son, but there are no examples of prayer to the Spirit; this doesn’t mean we cannot pray to the Spirit, because it never says that we shouldn’t pray to the Spirit. Our relationship with God should be dynamic, including prayer to each person of the Trinity as we seek to relate to our wonderful, Triune God.