The Uniqueness of the Bible

My new book, The Uniqueness of the Bible, is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. 

How do we know what is true about God and religion? Ultimately this question boils down to whether we consider our supreme authority to be tradition or revelation. In The Uniqueness of the Bible, author Dr. Larry Siekawitch explains that self and tradition fail as final arbiters of truth because humans are both finite and sinful-incapable of supplying truth without error. But if God has revealed His truth by revelation in such a way that is completely trustworthy and without error, then that revelation is the obvious candidate for supreme authority because it is God Himself speaking.

God has revealed Himself and His ways in the Bible, but how can we convince Jews, Muslims, Catholics, and Mormons of this wonderful fact? We do so by simply showing them the uniqueness of the Bible and convincing them of God's ultimate authority. This study deals with the Hebrew Scriptures and demonstrates how reliable and miraculous they are. It then compares the Bible to the Koran, particularly focusing on the New Testament and its amazing supernatural nature. Finally, The Uniqueness of the Bible examines Roman Catholicism's exaltation of tradition to equality with Scripture and the Mormon addition of the Book of Mormon.

 This study seeks to present convincing evidence in order to help people see the superiority of the Bible to all other means of discovering spiritual truth.

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Thank you,

Larry Siekawitch