Great question. What is God's future dealings with Israel? There are three major views concerning this question. 1) Replacement theory: This view believes that all the promises to Israel in the OT refer to the church under the New Covenant, and God does not have a plan for Israel beyond that. This view is typically held by the old school Reformed believers. 2) Dispensational theory: This view embraces a complete separation of the old covenant people of God called Israel, and the new covenant people called the Church. God has two separate peoples and will always have two sets of peoples that He calls His own (contra Eph 2). They suggest that Jesus offered the kingdom to the Jews, and when they rejected it He offered it the the Gentiles. The church was called the parenthesis. Once God is finished with the church, He raptures them and then begins to work with Israel again. This view is typically held by old school dispensationalists. 3) Intermediate theory: This view recognizes that many OT passages that speak of Israel do refer to the Church in the NT (Acts 2:16-21; Heb 8:1-13; 1 Pe 2:9-10; Gal 3:27-29; Php 3:3), but God is not finished with Israel yet (Rom 11; Zech 12:10). I believe the third view is the Biblical view. God still has a plan for Israel, and He did promise the land to them forever. Israel being in the land now is fulfilled prophecy, but they are not saved (they have been cut off Acts 3:22-23). God's ultimate plan will be to call Israel to Himself in the end of time (Zech 12:10). We are already beginning to see these prophecies take place with Israel back in their homeland since 1948 and the percentage of Jews becoming Christians increasing exponentially. Check out the video series on The Last Days According to Jesus on our website at under the tab Sunday Services, Audio.