A Balance of Head and Heart

This is my first post so I will make it simple. Christians are at their best if they live a balanced life. Most gravitate to either the mind, the heart or the feet; they either focus on information and reason, emotions and affections, or actions. God wants us to be balanced. We need a mind for truth. Digging deep into God’s word is crucial, especially for the more touchy, feely types. We also need a heart enflamed for God. Loving God, experiencing His presence, and pursuing Him wholeheartedly is the sine qua non of the Christian faith. We also need to be actively serving God. Sharing our faith, ministering to the poor, and loving our neighbor is an essential part of being a Christian. When we neglect any of these aspects of the Christian faith, we are sub Christian and will not grow to our full potential in Christ. God is calling us to be radical, mature disciples of Jesus. Examine your weak areas and seek the Holy Spirit to shore up your deficiencies. If you are not into the mind thing, then read a good book, not a fluff book, on God and His word. Dig deep into the Bible and meditate on it. Read the Bible in a year. If you are not into the emotional stuff, then raise your hands during a worship service. Take a half day and do nothing but pray. Be open to God actually touching you in such a way that it makes you cry. He wants to hug you. If you are not into the service thing, then go witness to a homeless person while buying them McDonalds. Go on a mission trip and serve the poor. Offer to mow your neighbor’s yard. Take your wife out to an expensive restaurant for dinner. Become a wholistic disciple, a radical, mature disciple of Christ. You may want to read my book: A balance of Head and Heart in Seventeenth Century Puritanism. It is an academic book, but with a great message. It’s good to stretch yourself.